The school has a NIOS section for those student who are having difficulty to catch up with the regular course in the state board. This is basically to help the below average students to get through the HSLC and their Secondary level . Thus empowering them to be at par with the regular children nad appear for higher studies and even seeking Jobs. This system has really boosted the children with special needs as they can appear one subject one at a time and not  mandotary to appear all subject at one time.

Thus giving space and acess to prepare for the individual subject in every exam, in this way their confidence is boosted. 

This NIOS section can help anyone looking to complete their HLSC exams. We want to facilate all students, even the CWSN students can apply for it. Our school has around 10 CWSN students preparing for their hslc exams through NIOS, starting last year. NIOS can help equip any students reapearing for their HLSC exams to be at par with their counterparts.