Almasih's amazing life I

Al-masih's amazing life I

Al Masih is a special person.

His whole life had already been predicted in the previous scriptures. both in the Torah, the Sabor, and other written records of the prophets of the people of Israel (Israel) where to be born at what time where it came from, what it did, how it left and how it came back, etc. The chances that a person would be able to complete what was stated was very small. Someone tried to calculate and found that the chance of fulfilling the prediction is only 1 in 68 billion. Compared to the chance that two people will have the same fingerprint, it is only 1 in 64 billion. This means that the chances of one having all the qualities of the Messiah are less than the chances of two people having the same fingerprint. What an amazing thing The Prophet Isa has all the qualities that have been prophesied to the Messiah! Now let's take a look at Al Messiah's miracle life prophecy. Corresponding to what actually happened with Prophet Isa, there was something outstanding. some interesting

#a miracle

The birth of Al-Mazih was prophesied that he would be born from a virgin. which is the sign of Allah This was true because Mary (Mary) was a virgin, not with any man. before he became pregnant and gave birth to Prophet Isa

The writings of Prophet Ishaya (Isaiah) 7:14 predicted that

“Therefore Allah will give Himself a sign. Behold, a young virgin will conceive. and gave birth to a son..."

This actually happened as recorded in Injeel Luke 1:34-35 when the angel came to Maryam that she would give birth to a son, saying:

Maryam replied to the angels: “I am a virgin How can it be as you say?”

The angel explained that “Al Ruhul Qudusu will descend upon you. and the power of the Most High will be with you. That's why The son that is born will be holy. and will be called the Most Beloved Al-Mazih of Allah.”