Isa the healer


Physically or mentally ill… Isa can heal.

“A leper came to him and knelt down and pleaded with him, “As long as you are satisfied, you can make me clean.” Jesus took pity and he reached out and touched the person. said to him, "I am satisfied, be cleansed."
Immediately the leprosy went from him, and the man was cleansed.”

In the old days people had leprosy. a very pitiful person because they are socially shunned no one dares to approach not even touching a leper His family had abandoned him. They must be separated from society. and alone

But… when Isa met a leper You are not afraid to approach not afraid of touching a leper He just touched him and said, “I am satisfied, be cleansed.” The leprosy immediately disappeared from this person's life.

Isa has the power to cure diseases! But it's not just physical ailments. Isa touched a man with leprosy. touched deeply into the hearts of those who were abandoned people who are socially shunned He was mentally healed. He met Isa's power and love.

Isa wants us all to be healthy both physically and mentally! Isa has the power to heal!

Every time I get sick, even the slightest bit, I will pray for Isa's healing. because I believe that your power can heal me If anyone is sick... whether physically or mentally Duah for healing from Isaan You will definitely be treated.