Secret place

Secret Place

Have you ever felt like....
everything around It looks daunting, terrifying, and unreliable. There is only hypocrisy full of sorrow not so much physical suffering But the suffering of this heart is too difficult to describe.

But nevertheless, nabi Dawud also praise the greatness of Allah is that Allah heals our hearts. Nabi Dawud knew that the only safe place was to rely on Allah.

What was it that convinced Nabi Dawud to think so?

In Az-Sabur it is said that
“I have sought God. and he answered me and delivered me from all fear. Those who look at him will rejoice. He will not be ashamed.”

Nabi Dawud said it was a good example of encouragement. because looking in any direction is not as safe as looking at Allah We will see safety and peace there.


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