His name is Almasih


In the Holy Scriptures… only Prophet Isa is called “Al-Masheeh.”

This word has a deeper meaning than you might think. #honest way

The word Al-Mazih (مسيح) is derived from the Hebrew Hamachiak (המשיח), meaning anointed or appointed In the tradition of the Jews (Jews) This anointing is done through anointing with holy oil.

So what is anointed to do? According to the beliefs of the Jews (Jews), the Messiah was anointed as king from the line of Prophet Dawud (David) in order to free the people from oppression by other peoples. united nations as one Restoring the Temple in Jerusalem and bring peace to the nations which many roles and duties The example of Al-Mazih was foretold in the previous scriptures, Taurat, Zabur and the writings of the other prophets.

However, in the previous scriptures, such as the Book of Prophet Dawud, was good. Or in the writings of many messengers, including Prophet Ishaya (Isaiah), Nabi Danyal (Daniel), and Prophet Zakariya (Zachariah) stated that before Alma Sheh will achieve the goal of bringing peace to that nation. You will have to suffer and even sacrifice your life in order to bring that peace. and not only for the purification of sins as a savior. The details in this section will be discussed in later sections.