Almasih's amazing life II

Almasih's amazing life II


Coming from the lineage according to the prophecy miraculously

There are several prophecies stating that the Messiah will come from the descendants of Nabi Dawood. (King David) As the writing of Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah) 11:1 prophesied that

“There will be a shoot out of Jesse's stump. (Father name of Nabi Dawood)

and a branch that grows from his root shall bear fruit.”

This was true when Prophet Isa was born into the descendants of Nabi Dawood. As recorded in Injeel Matthew 1:1

“The genealogy book of Prophet Isa al-Masheeh the descendants of Nabi Dawud descendants of the Prophet Ibrahim."

#Born in a wonderfully prophesied place

In the prophecy of the prophet Micah 5:2 it is stated that Baitilaham (Bethlehem) will be the birthplace of a great king.

“But you, Baitilaham (Bethlehem), Ephrathah, the smallest member of the clans of Judah, from you will come out for me. who will rule in Israel..."

This also happened to Prophet Isa as recorded in Injeel Luke 2:6-7.

“And while he was in Baitilaham, it was time for Mary to give birth to a child. she gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped up the baby and placed it in a manger. because there are no rooms for rent in the villas.”

#Do things with miracles and miracles

Prophet Isa is considered one of the most powerful miracles. In the Scriptures An Injeel records many events, including the healing of the sick. The one who is possessed by the Shaitan, the dead bring to life, feed the five thousand people. forbidding the wind, etc. Many miracles were performed according to the pre-recorded predictions.

The writing of Prophet Ishaya (Isaiah) 35:5-6 states that

“Then the eyes of the blind will see and the ears of the deaf will hear. The lame will jump like a deer. and the tongue of the mute shall shout for joy.”

Prophet Isa himself quoted this prophecy to support that he was the Messiah who fulfilled the prophecy. As recorded in Injeel, Luke 7:21-23.

At that time, Isa was healing many people from their illnesses. from various diseases and escape from Shaitan and make blind people see He replied to the person the Prophet had sent: “Go back and tell the prophet what you saw and heard, saying, Blind people can see The lame can walk again. The leper was cleansed. The deaf heard that the dead were raised from the dead. and the poor and miserable heard the good news. Those who do not doubt us will be very happy.”



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