Your faith has healed you

ฺBy faith

Are you suffering from any sickness?
You've tried to go to many doctors, including Thai traditional, Chinese traditional, modern day, folk healers, but still can't cure the disease. Read this from the Injeel scriptures. and you will find the answer

A woman had a hemorrhagic disease. (menstrual flow does not stop) for twelve years. She suffered a lot because of this disease. Her possessions were all gone because she had searched for many doctors but still had not been cured. But it's getting worse

When she heard about Isa She tried to walk through the crowd to reach Isa. she came behind you and touched the hem of his robe, thinking, “If I had only touched the hem of your robe, I will be cured.”

Suddenly, the blood that had fallen had stopped drying up. She felt that the disease was gone. Isa too immediately felt that the power was coming out of him. So he turned his back to the crowd and asked, “Who touched the hem of my shirt?” said the disciples. “You have already seen that the crowd is encroaching upon you, and yet you will ask, ‘Who touched us?’?”

The woman was trembling with fear. therefore came down to inform him according to the truth He said to the woman, “My daughter, you are healed by faith. Go in peace and be healed of this disease.


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