Come to me

Come to me

What will you do when you're facing a trouble?

When we are faced with problems, obstacles and difficulties in life. What we all do the same is try to figure out a way. Ways to fix the problem yourself Trying to make the situation better with all our might.

But have you ever been... The harder you try, the more tired you become. Problems and obstacles make us feel discouraged and hopeless. Instead, those things were fixed but made more difficult. The more you solve...the more problems will increase. Over and over again until we feel tired and discouraged.

Nabi Isa said “Come to me, those who are burdened and weary. I will give you peace of mind."

If you're tired today trying to fix endless problems. like a storm that swept into my life What is the best way?

Nabi Isa invited him to rest. and learn to know a way that is not like other people.