Casting out demons

casting out demons a burial place. But it's where people live!

“There was a man who was possessed by Shaitan. He lives in Kubro He was bound several times with shackles, but each time he broke the shackles. People were afraid of this man. because he looks like a mentally ill person Crying madly without words and also took a stone to slaughter himself

Isa and the disciples took another boat to the other side. As soon as Isa gets off the boat... The man who was possessed by Shaitan ran up to him. Call Isaa... “Al-Masheeh, the Most Beloved of Allah Almighty.” Isa banishes the Shaitan that resides within this man. So he returned to normal consciousness.”

This man no longer had to live in Kubro. But he can return to normal life like everyone else. That's because... Isa has power over Shaitan!

Did everyone know that Isa took a ferry to meet this man... Only one person when finished expelling this man. Isa returns! Isa intends to help one who is suffering from Shaitan to be free.

If you accept help from Isa You will also help you to be free from everything that is binding you.

What are you suffering from? Do you think Isa can help you?

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