Hope and Faith


Hope #2

How can we be confident in that hope when we can't see it?!

The answer to this question is we can be sure. And this confidence depends on who or who promises to deliver what we expect.

from the last example If someone invites us to travel abroad That you will trust that the person who invites us will really lead us. It depends on who the inviting person is. And how do we relate to that person? If the person who invites is our parents or close relatives We can be confident and hope that the invitation to go abroad will definitely happen. But if the person who invites is someone we don't know I don't know what his status is. or how reliable We are not sure. and could not be expected

Also when Allah promises that those who believe and follow Prophet Isa will always be above the unbelievers and win until the Day of Resurrection. (Surah Al Imran 3:55) and will be saved until that Paradise. can be confident and hopeful Because that is a promise from God.

There is a statement from the Letter to the Believers (Hebrew) chapter 11 verse 1 confirming that this hope is certain and certain. The passage says, “Faith is the certainty of what we hope for. and be confident in what we cannot see.”

And again, it is clearly stated that this is certain because God himself has promised. and He does not reverse course. In chapter 6, verses 18-19a, it is written, “Therefore, these two things cannot be changed. And it's impossible for God to lie. those of us who have come to him to obtain salvation Therefore, I was very encouraged to hold on to the hope that was in front of me. This hope we have is the anchor of a stable and secure soul…”

So we can see and conclude that we can have confidence in hope. When the one who promises is God And we experience it by faith in Him.

Let's end with a saying that 'Hope makes the invisible. believe the unbelievable and received the impossible.'

In the next section, we will look at how this God-given hope can benefit us.